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landscape JABOP

29-08-2014 New facebook page.

27-03-2014 Update blog

19-12-2013 Updated shoots. Vicky, Medea, Michelle, Marusya

14-10-2013 Unbelievable #blog

05-10-2013 Added Jeugdland westenholte 2013

17-06-2013 Updated  portfolio, photo sections and layout

28-05-2013 Added 100 jaar Dennenheuvel Epe 26-05-2013

04-04-2013 Finally, the blog is online

27-03-2013 Added Modespektakel Epe 23-03-2013

26-03-2013 Added The girl is not afraid of red, yellow, blue

15-12-2012 Finally the long expected update

05-07-2012 Added  juffendag morgenster

24-06-2012 Added photo selection of divetrip Zeeland

14-06-2012 ‘Less is more’ update

11-06-2012 Added Bodrum holiday to limited view

07-06-2012 Added Fotofestival epe 2012

07-06-2012 Added projects and events section

26-05-2012 Removed Mw Haar serie. Mail for info.

08-04-2012 Added missing photo Mw Haar 90 jaar.

06-04-2012 Added Mw. Haar 90 jaar. Click here.

26-03-2012 Added the section JABOP to photos

26-03-2012 Added wintersport 2012 to limited view

Added  A beautiful portrait, a nice landscape or a thrilling action? Things that you might  find in here. This site reflects some of my most precious moments and it for sure reflects a large part of my  life. I hope you will enjoy it.